1. momofuku:

    a few weeks ago our toronto team hung out with the vice crew to shoot an episode of munchies. the chefs hit the town, and were hosted by our good friends tobey + michael at edulis for a pressed duck dinner, then popped over to parts & labour for some pig’s face and lobster mac + cheese with matty and his team. big thanks to the team at vice for being so fun to work with, and to the teams at edulis and parts & labour for putting up with our crew, and pouring so much love into the food we ate. 

  2. boyirl:

    Every Act of Creation is First an Act of Destruction by Eugenia Loli

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  5. Jeremy Mann
    Jeremy Mann
    Jeremy Mann


    Looks like rain, Jeremy Mann

  6. chaambler:

    Doug Wheeler

  7. artruby:

    Joseph Kosuth, Five Words in Green Neon, (1965).

  8. electricobjects:

    Papersky XVI by Florian Mueller

  9. theleoisallinthemind:

    Latifa Echakhch 

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  10. cross-connect:

    Jeppe Hein (b 1974, CopenhagenDenmark) is an artist based in Berlin and Copenhagen. Hein is widely known for his production of experiential and interactive artworks that can be positioned at the junction where art, architecture, and technical inventions intersect. Notable in their formal simplicity and frequent use of humor, his sculptures and installations engage in a lively dialogue with the traditions of Minimalism and Conceptual art of the 1970s. Hein’s works often feature surprising and captivating elements which place spectators at the centre of events and focus on their experience and perception of the surrounding space.

    Hein is a organizer and curator of Circus Hein, a group show inspired by Alexander Calder’s circus project and including 35 works of contemporary artists dealing with the topic circus.


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